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Catch of the Day: Stayin’ Alive Meets Born in the USA

October 25, 2011

We’re rather fond of the Birther Movement’s rhetoric around here, so you can imagine our delight when Rick Perry busted out his best mash-up of the Bee Gees and Bruce Springsteen. He’s keepin’ the birther issue alive!

Perry says that figuring out the problem of President Obama killing 2.5 million jobs is more serious than his stance on the birther issue. I agree, unless we’re using the ability to make a coherent statement on the birther issue as a litmus test for a presidential candidate’s reasoning ability. But isn’t saying that the jobs issue is more important than the birther issue like saying “I won’t even mention that The Donald wears a toupee” because you want everyone to consider the possibility that Donald Trump wears a toupee?

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