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COTD: Sarah Palin Says She’s Not Seeking Presidency, Gracefully Declines All Further Media Attention

October 6, 2011

Last night, Sarah Palin finally said for sure that she will not be seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency. This kinda bummed me out at first, because of all the hilarity that has ensued as a result of her presence in the public sphere.  I was sad, because out of sheer morbid curiosity I want her to still be a media figure.

But then I said, “Self, don’t be stupid. Of course she’ll still continue to be a media figure.” Someone as desperate for attention and as fun to watch as Palin won’t just fade away. But this begs the question of whether or not she warrants the continued attention. Now that she’s officially not a contender in the race, why should we still care about her? Especially because when it comes to politics, not to be a jerk about it or anything, but the only thing she’s ever really done successfully was serve as mayor of a small town in Alaska. And while folks from Wasilla have produced some decent tunes, that’s not saying much… especially considering that she didn’t even finish out her term as Alaska governor.

So, dear readers, let me ask you the following questions three: since Palin isn’t running for the election, is her continued place in the public sphere just a pointless media construction? Is her decision not to run just savvy positioning on her part, in that with no election to potentially lose, she can continue keeping the spotlight on herself in different ways? And, finally, does any of that matter as long as she’s still fun to watch?

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