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Catch of the Day: Stand by Your Speech, Man

September 30, 2011

When Tammy Wynette comes up in politics, she usually cues a press conference about private affairs.  But among this week’s spectacles were two eminently public speeches. Last week Admiral Mike Mullen, retiring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee and former Gov. Rick Perry participated in Fox’s Republican debate.  Pakistan is up in arms (almost literally) about Mullen’s comments, and the media gleefully reported the death of Perry’s presidential hopes.

But rather than come out with a reinterpretation, hedge, or apology, Mullen and Perry both stood firm.  See Perry spin his (lack of) oratory skillz at 3:00:

And hear (or read ) Mullen appeal to pathos (@ 2:25), ethos (@ 7:00), and logos throughout his NPR interview.

NPR Interview with Adm. Mullen 09-28-11

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