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Welcome back to another great year at The Silver Tongue!

August 31, 2011

After a relaxing summer, we’re back at it, bringing you more of our signature blend of rhetorical analysis! We’re going to be working harder than ever to stay immediate, accessible, and fun to read.

And we’re trying something new. We’re still going to provide in-depth analyses of public rhetoric, but we’re also going to offer a “Catch of the Day” (or CotD) feature several times throughout the week. We’ll showcase important, interesting, or just plain weird pieces of public rhetoric. We’re asking our readers to help us stay “daily” by submitting any piece of rhetoric that catches their eye. You can email us at silvertonguetimes [at] gmail [dot] com or submit via our Facebook wall. It’s a great way to earn a shout-out from your favorite blog, by which we mean us!

There’s plenty to be excited about over the next year, especially if you love political rhetoric. There’s a Republican primary on the horizon and a presidential election beyond that, which means you can watch the feverish campaign, marvel at the media frenzy, and then read us, as we dedicate our rhetorical skills to explaining not just what the candidates are saying, but also why. So be excited, keep reading, and keep spreading the word!

Doug Cloud, Hilary Franklin, Alexis Teagarden, & Matt Zebrowski
Founding Editors

PS: We’re always looking for new contributors. If you’re interested, let us know or send a submission to silvertonguetimes [at] gmail [dot] com.

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